Monday, August 04, 2008

Skulking Racist Rat Bastards

Last Friday at a John McCain rally in Panama City Florida, a senior reporter from the Tallahassee Democrat, standing with a group of other local media reporters was singled out by McCain's security detail and removed from the event. The reporter in question was not being loud or aggressive. He was not dressed funny. He had valid credentials. He had not asked anyone any questions at all. He was just standing there, with a group of other local reporters. He wasn't asked to move. He wasn't questioned. He wasn't told why he was being ejected. He was simply given a public and very intimidating "Bum's Rush" by Secret Service agents assigned to McCain's security detail.

There was one thing different about Stephen Price, the reporter in question. He was the only African American reporter in the room.

After the incident, McCain's campaign had no comment, except to state that the area where Price was standing was designated for national and not local press. They were unable to say why the other local reporters, that Price was with, were allowed to remain, unmolested.

Is McCain a fucking racist? Damn Right! And his campaign. And the Republican Party. And the Bush administration, Hank Paulson dominated, Secret Service branch of the Treasury Department. Cowardly, cock sucking, Jim Crow promoting cross burners, every last God Damned one of them.

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