Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No Running on the Pool Deck!

1) Donald Trump must not have anything to do with regulating the morals of young women. It's just not right.

2) Hilliary must not run for President. Nobody wants it.

3) The deployment of a "surge" of troops to Bagdad is not a good idea. Bush says we're winning. He lies like a craven, yellow dog.

4) Giving money to televangelists doesn't help the poor or make Jesus like you.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Seasons Greetings

I just watched a Presidential news conference on Iraq. It is clear President Bush has no real understanding of the country, not it's history, not it's demographic make up, not it's current reality or what we are doing there. After four years of war in the country, the idea that the architect of the conflict, really hasn't taken much of an interest, is discouraging. The Fundies think these are the end times. One can only hope so. If Jesus comes down from Heaven, to lead the forces of the righteous, perhaps he will take a personal interest in what is happening and provide a little informed leadership. Revelate me, Baby!

Tom DeLay started a blog yesterday, for about 45 minutes. He had to shut it down, due to a deluge of harshly critical comments. I just wish I could get a level of traffic like that. Some people get all the luck. They'll probably have free wireless access at that prison he's going to.

The Environmental Protection Agency, which Bush packed with corporate polluters, has exempted the worst of the atmospheric mercury polluters, to ease the strain of increased urban development. The EPA has also signalled it is ready to declassify lead as an atmospheric pollutant, at the behest of Big Oil and the lead acid battery producers. Atmospheric lead has been strictly controlled since the Carter Administration, levels have decreased by 90% in the last thirty years.. Mercury and lead are known causative agents of neurological malfunction in the young. Wher's all that Culture of Life, Save the Children crap, when you need it.

They've sent Ted Haggard to Tucson, to cure him of being Gay. I understand there's something in the water, there, that does it. Good luck, Ted. After they cure that homo thing, you can work on the methamphetamine problem. That will help with all those religious delusions.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

He Really is the President

It has become increasingly clear over the last couple of weeks that George W. Bush is not a figurehead. I had always assumed that there was some kind of cabal behind him, pulling the strings. I no longer believe this to be true. We now have ample proof that he has received council from the Vice President, Cabinet members, and Congressional leaders, advising him in the strongest terms as to advantageous courses of action to be taken in any number of areas, the mid-term elections, homeland security, Iraq and the bipartisan nature of the upcoming Congress, to name a few.

We know that he has disregarded this advice and continued blindly on with his previous course, with disasterous results in each case. The liberal conspiracy theories have been proved wrong. There is no secret government. There are only the masterbatory fantasies of a closeted, gay, frat boy, left too long alone, in a big, white, house.

My direst fears have been proved wrong but I am not relieved.