Monday, February 05, 2007

Fr. Robert F. Drinan

I've been waiting a week to see what the Conservo-Fascists would have to say about the passing of Father Drinan. It seems it's not a subject they have much to say about.

Father Drinan served 5 terms in the House of Representatives, with the blessing of Pope Paul II. Pope John Paul II forced him to choose between the preisthood and Congressional membership. This was at the time when Pope John Paul also dismantled the autonomy of the Jesuit Order, as part of his efforts to re-totalitarianize the Church. Father Drinan chose the priesthood.

Father Drinian was the antithesis of the religious leaders we see on the political scene today. He owned a single suit of clothes and lived in a room at Georgetown University. He did what was right. He said what was true.

Hear me Conservo-fascist scum! You can keep the likes of James Dobson, Pat Robertson and Paul Crouch. Men of God who steal from widows and orphans to amass huge personal fortunes. Men who dress in the finest clothes and personal accoutrements. Men who feel the need for professional bodyguards, when they travel in their bullet proof motorcades and private jets. Men who seek to gild their temples with offerings extorted from the poor and suffering. Men such as these are not worthy to shine the single pair of worn brogans owned by Father Drinan.