Friday, December 28, 2007

Good Luck in the New Year

George Bush says there is no inflation. Go look for yourself. Check out the price of a dozen eggs, a quart of milk, a pound of hamburger. Compare your utility bills with what they were a decade ago. Put 20 gallons of gas into your pickup truck and read the bottom line on your receipt. After you've done that, then look at you're paycheck.

It isn't exactly true that George Bush is a lying little cocksucker. On the one hand, you'll find that you are living on about the same amount of money year after year. That's what George is talking about. On the other hand, you are paying a lot more for the stuff you need. George is rich and he's President. He never handles money, so he doesn't have a fuckin' clue.

The big news for you, is that the price of your house is going down. At the end of this year, which is rapidly approaching and you find that your credit card debt has started to get out of hand again, your choices are going to be limited. Banks are not going to line up to refinance your house and give you the money you need to pay off the plastic and the 20+ percent interest rates that come with it. They are worried now that you can't afford the payments on the mortgage you already have. They might be willing to make some sort of adjustment about that, especially if they don't think they can sell your house for anything like you owe but they aren't going to give you any more money. Even if you can stay off the plastic, which is unlikely, they compound that 20 percent interest daily. Make your minimum payments and in a couple of years you'll owe them half again what you owed them when you charged the last item and they'll want every cent of that before you're off the hook.

If you are like most of the people in this country, you make your living by doing something for somebody. They pay you to do it because they don't want to do it themselves. As money gets tighter, competition kicks in and you will find yourself having to do whatever it is you are doing for less money. There could be a real possibility that eventually, nobody will need you to do it at all. If fewer people are running to Walmart every day, it stands to reason they're going to need a lot fewer greeters.

When they finally kick you out of your house, you can sell your stuff but who is going to want to buy it. Maybe you've got rich relatives that will help you out, I don't. Maybe your family still has a little farm somewhere you can go to, mine doesn't.

Maybe I'm just deranged and everything is going to work out great. Maybe George Bush is not a lying little cocksucker. I hope so. I'm not any better off than most people. I've had a little more experience living on the street than some. It's not recent experience though and my back gets all twingy in the cold.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

"LSD is Groovy. Kill the Pigs!"-Jeffrey McDonald

There is one thing that the fundo-fuckfaced, Bible thumping, neo-night riders want more than anything else from the American Left, violence. As the factional separation of our political system becomes more pronounced, they become increasingly desperate for it. They went to Washington when Cindy and her Ladies in Pink marched, to try and provoke a scuffle, no matter how minor. When no incidents occurred, they claimed to have been spat upon. In truth, many of the poor dears lisp, especially when excited and if you get too close, you do so at your own peril. They talk of being menaced by large groups of bikers on the streets of San Francisco and Minneapolis. It turns out they weren't the fearsome Vroom-Vroom Harley types but the ones powered by Campaignolo and Shimano, with their little plastic teardrop helmets and Lycra tights with padded crotches. It's hard for them to kick ass, when their feet are bolted to the pedals. Har-Har-Har! They desperately hope unsavory ruffians will disrupt the Republican National Convention next summer but so far, no such luck seems to be in store.

There is little politically motivated violence in this country. The occasional openly gay college student will get beaten half to death and then hung up on a barbed wire fence to freeze. The odd Black or Hispanic or Indian boy will be tied to the back of a pickup truck and dragged along the two lane blacktop for a few miles. Every once in a while a Planned Parenthood clinic will be bombed, or one of its physicians will get their head blown off by a high powered rifle from a few hundred yards away. These are just isolated incidents though. They are not sanctioned by any legitimate Right Wing organization. Really, just ask them. They'll tell you so.

Last year there was a soldier, in uniform, who claimed he was picked up on a road in rural Washington State, by "hippies" and roughed up. I looked for some follow up in the local news for several weeks and never found a single word. I suspect it was a hoax, rapidly hushed up by the soldier's command.

Last week there was a great story, all over the media. Some little Princeton boy, who belonged to a chastity society, wrote a story for the school paper, against the school policy of giving out condoms, free of charge, to the student body. Hey, I can get behind that. Any kid who can afford the Ivy League, should be able to buy their own rubbers. Anyway, after the publication of his story, he claimed to have gotten death threats. Then, he turned up at the Campus Police, claiming to have been beaten up by two young men in dark watch caps and overcoats. Presumably these two young men were fellow students, who felt threatened that their supply of free condoms would be cut off. This story was all over Fox News, talk radio and the blogosphere. I haven't seen Brit Hume so outraged since the title General Betrayus was coined.

It turned out this was just a sad, lonely boy with sexual, religious and political identity problems who made the whole thing up. I feel sorry for this kid. I hope he gets some help and they don't kick him out of school or worse, throw him in jail. I wonder if the local gun shops have been given this kid's name and photo. Hmmm.

Don't despair fundo-faggots, there may be some deranged hippies out there, willing to do some violence on you, yet. Bide your time. Keep your hopes up.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why Don't They Quit Calling Themselves Evangelicals and Put their Kluxxer Hoods Back On

They are tearing down the projects in New Orleans this week. These are old, barracks like neighborhoods, with names like Calliope, Magnolia and St. Bernard. They housed maybe 5,000 families, every one of them black, most headed by women. The residents were evacuated during Katrina and never allowed back. The white developers say that the projects were too damaged by Katrina to be repaired. They will be replaced by "mixed use" developments. There will be some residential, some commercial. There will be some rental units available, none will be government subsidized. It's unlikely that any of the former residents will be able to afford any of the units their housing is being replaced by, nor would the new landlords want them.

Although the ladies that head the families of the projects are poor, life in the projects has made them politically active. They vote. They organize and attend community meetings. They make their impact felt. These are exactly the kind of black citizens, that the white racist Republican rebuilders of New Orleans, do not want back in their fair city. This is a clear case of economic genocide against the predominantly black population of New Orleans. In the "new" New Orleans, there will be no place for these black women and their families. No place for them to live. No place for them to work. Most important of all, no place for them to vote.

This is no different than the displacement of the residents of the 9th ward and other black neighborhoods of the city, except for one small and inconvenient fact. None of the projects sustained any damage from the flooding or hurricane. They were evacuated, the utilities were cut off, services ceased but they sustained no damage. HUD, which runs the projects, simply never let the residents move back in. Now they have given the land over to the developers bulldozers. The new populations of these neighborhoods will include few , if any, holdovers from the old.

The redevelopment of the projects in New Orleans exposes the lie that the rebuilding of the city is simply the inevitable change brought about by the repair of the damage wrought by the flood and not a carefully choreographed program, carried out by the racist Republican infrastructure, to build a white city in the deep south. It's all right. Those people will have their own places. They will be happier. Everybody needs to know their own place.

Good times there are not forgotten.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

So, what does George want us to call them now?

Iran has some light infantry. They have some littoral naval capability. They have some jet fighters but they're pretty old. What they don't have is a nuclear weapons program.

Hugo Chavez tried to make himself president for life and nationalize the major industries in Venezuela. He lost the vote and let it stand, for now.

The North Koreans are doing what they have been for the last 60 years, slowly starving to death. They are, on average, half a foot shorter and at least 40 pounds lighter, than their brothers and sisters in the South. They don't have nearly as many teeth, either.

So, what does George want us to call them now?

The Axis of Guys We Don't Like but are No Longer Afraid Of?

We knew George wanted to be a cowboy when he grew up. We didn't think it would be a midnight cowboy.

He doesn't even measure up to the standards set by Joe Buck.

George Bush supports a don't ask, dont tell policy. On the truth!

From this point on, The Onion, will be the official news organ, of the executive branch, of the United States government.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Merry, Merry King of the Bush is He

I watched the President give a little speech this morning, in the Rose Garden. It was amazing. He pretty much admitted, that he and his entire administration, had it's head up it's ass, for the first 4 years of the Iraq War. He went on to admit that it wasn't until the Democrats gained control of Congress in 2006, that he was forced to make much needed changes in strategy. Now, he says, that those changes in strategy are causing progress to be made in Iraq and the Congress supposedly owes him support because of it. He wants them to rubber stamp administration requests for additional War funding, without attaching riders that require troop withdrawal. He looked sick and hung over. I think that he probably was both. This is a different President Bush. Not a better man but definitely a broken man.

The administration released intelligence estimates this morning that assert Iran does not have a nuclear weapons research program and has not had one, in at least four years. This is information that intelligence agencies have been urging the President to release to the American people for at least two years. The release of this information has been suppressed by Vice President Cheney. Up until today, the administration has been citing Iran's nuclear weapons research program, as well as other largely unverified threats, as reason to mount airstrikes or even outright invasion of Iraq.

Karl Rove, yesterday, began a campaign to blame the Democratic minority in Congress for pushing the administration prematurely into military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has no evidence or documentation, of any kind, to support this claim. He has no other person to support him in this claim. He has never even intimated such a claim, prior to yesterday. Curiouser and curiouser.

The administration's Middle East policy is in total disarray. It is based on lies, administration reports of progress have been lies and even today they continue to lie about what needs to be done. We need to disengage in the Middle East with the utmost speed. We need to sort out what happened over there and begin to try, convict and impose justice on those responsible. This has been an episode of infamy by an administration out of touch with reality and out of control. Their actions have been an inexcusable offense against the people of the United States, the armed forces of the United States and the citizens of the rest of the World, who have had to tolerate this outrage of armed aggression, by the most powerful nation in the World, against peoples who posed no threat and were unable to protect themselves.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Little Scarlett has a Dream, Stars and Bars style

The 9th ward is only a symbol of the genocidal transformation that the Department of Homeland Security, an organization forged in the fire of race hatred and tempered in the evil of class warfare, is bringing about in the Bay City. The dwellings of the poor, most of them people of color, most of whose families have lived in them for generations, will never be allowed to be rebuilt. Rents for the cheapest apartments, around $300.00 before the onslaught of 2005s Hurricane Katrina, are now at $1,000.00 a month and rising, beyond the reach of most. In any case, these rents apply only to the most basic habitation and are not suitable for the often extended families which the African American population of the city are composed of. The kind of residences that they require, simply no longer exist, or would cost thousands a month more than they can afford, to rent.

FEMA has been systematically evicting the residents of the temporary trailer parks, even though the trailers themselves have no resale value and thousands more rot, having never been used, while displaced black residents still languish in outlying areas and far away cities, told they cannot return to their homes. Roads, sewers and utilities are not returned to the old neighborhoods. Building permits have not been issued. There are no plans to let the black majority return to New Orleans, not to old homes, not to new, there never were, not from the earliest days, when Brownie was doing such a great job. The ranks of the homeless in the city are swelling. They will, no doubt, be dealt with, in time.

Hundreds of millions of US government dollars are pouring into New Orleans, the developers are getting rich. The rebuilding and refurbishing is going on around the clock. This work is being done by workers brought in to do the job, from out of state, from out of the country. No jobs here, for the citizens of New Orleans, you know how THOSE people are.

In the end, when the Corps of Engineers has established flood control, when FEMA has delivered all of their grants and loans to the developers, when all of the construction is done, what will there be, down on the Delta, at the mouth of the Mississippi? It will be a city of dreams, a shining, WHITE city. It will be a beacon in the DARKNESS. It will be a beach head, from which the real people of the South, the WHITE people, can begin to take back their land, their culture, their way of life.

All things take time. All things must have a beginning. Within the dreams of madmen, a new reality takes form. The real people of the South seek a solution to the DARKNESS that blights their once shining land, a final solution. Look Away, Look Away, Dixie Land.

I've Got My Story and I'm Sticking To It

I love how the fundo fascist dog soldiers are able to integrate the deranged spoutings of their hallucinatory leaders into their world view and never miss a beat. One of the main scientific truths of modern times that they have to negate, in order to continue on the path toward the dictatorship of the stupid by the greedy, is the reality of global climate change. In the face of global warming, the endless masturbatory economic expansion in the pursuit of more output to support an ever increasing and affluent population makes no more sense than the moth's inexorable plunge into the flame.

A guy by the name of Charles David Keeling has spent his entire life documenting the increase in atmospheric CO2 over the last 50 years. By using data from air pockets trapped in glaciers, he has shown that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere was stable for several thousand years, prior to the 19th century, when it began to increase at a rate of between 1.5 and 2 ppm per year. This increase can be shown to correspond with a steady increase in world temperatures. It also corresponds with a rapidly increasing population and utilization of fossil fuels. It's not rocket science, check it out. The vast majority of the scientific community around the world understand these correlations to be valid. The way that the oligarchy of greed responds to this data, kind of like a hydrophoby skunk doused with a bucket of cold spring water, tells us that their response is something more than mere disbelief. Their response is much more indicative of extreme fear and loathing.

I don't think the world will end tomorrow because of global warming. I think we are releasing carbon into the atmosphere that has been trapped in subterranean deposits for eons. It's going to have an effect. I would guess things will get more tropical but I'm not an authority on anything. I do think it's something we should be interested in. In the end, there is only just so much carbon that is available to be released back into the atmosphere. I doubt it's enough to end all life on earth or even all human life.

So, hey, FundoBubba, it's winter. Who knows how many more we'll have. Tune up that big two-stroke snowmobile out in the shed, gas her up and head on out. Have a few drinks. Spotlight a few dear. Get in some ice fishing. Litter up the landscape. Remember, God gave you dominion and all that kind of crap. Religion ought to be worth somethin', right?

Fresh Fruit

The White House is heralding the news that stem cells may be made from any number of human tissues, not just fetal tissue, as if George the Turd did the research himself, down in the basement, with his little science kit. The scientists that are doing this research receive no US government funding and couldn't care less about the "culture of life". They're just doing what scientists do, finding out new stuff. While this news seems like a vindication of Bush's fundo-political pseudo-theology, it may not be the answer to all his dreams. It may turn out that fetal stem cells are easier, cheaper and more versatile to use, for medical purposes, than other types of cells, which will put the US competitively behind the efforts of other nations. It may be that any number of other dark anti-fundi scenarios will emerge.

It turns out, that if you can turn non fetal tissue into stem cells, you can also produce zygotes and gametes artificially, without the products of testes or ovaries. Not only is this true but you can produce sperm from the tissues of a female and eggs from the tissues of a male, just as easily as the other way around. So, what is a male, if not a producer of sperm and what is a female if not a producer of eggs. In the future, a person with no sexual organs or secondary sexual characteristics, whatsoever, could be either a mother or a father, or both, having a child entirely composed of it's own genetic material, completely different from a clone. Is this news going to be hailed as a victorious milestone by Poindexter Bush, down in his little basement science lab? It don't seem likely, do it?

This is the kind of scientific advance which will call into question everything we have previously thought about sexuality and gender from a purely clinical perspective. It is likely to incite debate about what constitutes parenthood and the nature of family. How will this kind of scientific advance affect the theological stylings of such uberfundofaggots as Pope Ratso, Dr Jimminycricket Dobson or Patmyprostate Robertson? God only knows.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Sun Myung Moon, founder of the World Unification Church and self proclaimed Christian Messiah, reincarnation of Jesus Christ, here on Earth, is many things. He is an industrialist, a convicted felon, and social philosopher, as well as the self proclaimed son of God. He is also the number one supporter and advocate of the Bush political dynasty. For obvious reasons, his personal support is worth worse than nothing. He has other things to give and he gives them unstintingly.

He funnels money into the Bush campaign coffers, his own and that of his whack job friends. He can gather votes for the Bush machine in places where even the fundo fascist culture warriors fear to tread, deep into the bizzarro world of religious cults, the Moonies, Hari Krishnas, Rashnishis and others whose beliefs are far beyond the pale of even the tongue talking, snake handling, cousin marrying, mouth foamers of the Christian fundamentalist movement. He has used the wealth he has amassed as the messiah to millions world wide, to build up a media empire including the influential Washington Times newspaper and the United Press International wire service. This media empire he has placed entirely at the disposal of Bush and his minions, to spread the fascist propaganda of hate, war and greed that is their stock and trade.

Next time you see a newspaper article that touts Bush's policies or praises his courage of convictions, check to see if it was carried by the UPI or originated by the Washington Times. If after that, you still think George Bush is a great American and the natural political leader for these troubled times, perhaps you will want to seek out the services of a deprogrammer. Thanks to Sun Myung Moon, there are a lot of good experienced ones around. Make sure you get one that doesn't torture because as we all know, torture doesn't work.

Pope a Dope?

In his second encyclical, Spe Salvi, Pope Ratso, leader of the Roman Catholic Church and Fester Addams lookalike, takes godless communism to task and councils people to turn away from science and technology and instead embrace Christian faith as the answer to World Peace and eternal salvation.

So what's the deal? Has he been smokin' the fringe off his little golden shawls? Has plunging his love hammer into an endless succession of altar boys caused a plaque to form on his brain? Is cable TV not available at Castle Gandolfo?

What communists? The evil empire of the Soviet Union and it's iron curtain is no more. The Chinese are in the midst of the greatest capitalistic revolution the world has ever seen. Is he mad because Fidel is still alive? Does Hugo's promise of plumbing and basic health care to a few million campesinos frighten him? Maybe he's upset because those Che T-shirts are still such hot sellers.

Science? Not since the Catholic Church excommunicated and imprisoned Galileo have scientists been so at odds with popular conception. No one believes or wants to hear about global warming, the ecological implications of pollution, overpopulation, stem cell research, or virtually anything else scientists have to say, unless it has to do with quick and easy weight loss. A majority of those that attend church regularly apparently don't even believe in evolution of the species. Man, that's black dirt ignorance at it's sweet loamy finest.

Christian faith? As George Bush and his zomboid VP keep telling us, we are on the verge of World War III. Christian versus Muslim. I guess we could call that a pan jehovan conflict, especially since the senior Jehovist branch of religion, Judah, is likely to figure into the conflict somewhere. Jehovah worship, in any form, is clearly a most toxic poisoner of social tranquility. It's hard to understand how it could positively affect anyones life, much less eternal salvation. Anybody with any sense of self preservation at all, should be eschewing religion and catching a tramp steamer to the Falkland Islands.

I'm sad this pope is really old, he could get to be a lot of fun. It's gonna be great to see who those wacky cardinals will come up with next, though.