Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Somebody Likes The Ladies

The RNC paid out a little more than $2000 for a night out at a lesbian bondage night club in West Hollywood. Those lesbians always run a nice honest business. No clip joints. You always get your money's worth.

$2000. Somebody had a real good time. I'm sure it was nothing perverted or anything like that.

Brain Dead in Cancun

The intimation in this story is that Mexicans smashed this kids skull in while he was sleeping in the pool area of a luxury Cancun Hotel. This is very unlikely. Mexicans might kill you, under a lot of different circumstances, for any number of reasons. This scenario is highly unlikely. They wouldn't do it in the courtyard of a high end tourist hotel. They never would have left the kid alive to potentially recover and tell his story.

This kid was involved in some terrible mishap involving other vacationing American kids. It may or may not have been with malicious intent. It probably was an unfortunate and unforeseen alcohol related calamity, that none of the others involved in wanted to own up to.

German Bishop Accused Of Beating Orphan Girls

My favorite Catholic news story of the day. You can't even make up stuff this good.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Washington Times

When I was a boy, there were some real conservative newspapers. We had one locally called the Santa Ana Register. A lot of areas in the country had conservative newspapers that could be subscribed to. There aren't too many really conservative newspapers in business any more.  Ours is now called the Orange County Register and it's pretty mainstream.

The most often cited source of conservative journalism, nationally, is the Washington Times. This small D.C. newspaper was going under, decades ago, when it was bought by Sun Myung Moon, later day Jesus clone and leader of the World Unification Church. I was never sure why he bought the paper and transformed it into the premier organ for Wing Nut news in America but he did. It's lost hundreds of millions of dollars over the years but it is a solid source of far right wing news and editorial content.

Sun Myung Moon is old and about to die. His family do not want to continue the expense of supporting his messianic religion. They have no interest in owning America's most conservative daily paper. I'm sure the family would like to sell the paper and at least recoup some of their investment but I can't imagine any group who would be willing to buy such a grossly money losing venture. The family has in the last few years instituted draconian budgetary cuts and wholesale staff layoffs. They will rid themselves of the enterprise itself eventually. It's only a matter of time.

Rupert Murdoch bought the Wall Street Journal several years ago and it, while always fairly conservative, has taken a hard jog to the right. It doesn't have the staff to churn out the mass of content that the Washington Times does but I guess it will have to do because the Washington Times is on the way out.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Chicks

When I was a little boy, during Easter week, they would sell a lot of baby chicks, ducklings and bunnies. A lot of places gave them away as a promotional item. A lot of times they would dye them pink or blue. We used to gather up the chicks after Easter around the neighborhood and keep them in our back yard. If you fed them, a lot of them would survive. They would get big and eventually we would eat them. We didn't want the bunnies or ducklings. Too much trouble.

You don't see that so much any more, at least around where I live. I think it's probably illegal. It's certainly a bad idea, unless you eat them like we did.

Did you have chicks, bunnies and ducks at Easter when you were little? What happened to them? Did you eat them?

Did you turn off your lights for Earth Hour?

I read about Earth Hour during the few weeks before it happened. Mostly I read about it on Right Wing web sites. I don't know anybody who participated.

Earth Day has been around for decades.  I used to know a lot of people that participated in Earth day activities. People would get together at parks for rallies. In the beginning it was a big thing to line highways, hold hands and people would supposedly be linked by hand all across America. Nobody does much any more for Earth day.

I don't think anybody anywhere is really very interested in ecology, pollution, reduced energy usage or any of that kind of stuff any more. Ditto for Global Warming or the acidification of the biosphere. It's not that it's not happening because it is, just nobody cares. Maybe eventually they will but I don't see it happening any time soon. For now, people with a few extra bucks buy a Prius. That makes them feel good about themselves.

Mostly, Earth Hour was just for the Wing Nuts to have something to hate on and scoff at, like they do with Barry O. Whatever gets them through the day. It's OK with Me.

Hoppin' Down The Bunny Trail

It's Palm Sunday, the beginning of an important week in Christian mythology. According to legend, it was on this Sunday of the year when Jesus made his triumphant entrance to Jerusalem. By the following Sunday, he had been condemned, tortured, executed,  dead two days and on the third day risen and in so doing, brought salvation and eternal life from God to anyone who becomes a Christian. Nifty.

I don't believe any of that stuff. Even if it turns out to be true, I don't believe that those who claim to be the contemporary purveyors of Christianity have valid claim. Those that I can identify are universally foul. If I find myself at some point facing the judgment of God, I would rather do so on my own, on the basis of my own thoughts, words and deeds in life, than allied with criminal scum like that.

What about you? How do you want to face God? By yourself or hand in hand with your chosen Christian leader?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Here Come De Judge

The most intriguing development in the national health care culture war, is now the stated Republican goal of challenging the constitutionality of Obama Care in the Supreme Court.

I would very much like to see that, wouldn't you?

God May Not Be Dead In Ireland But On Good Friday, He Will Be Drunk

This is the biggest blow to Catholicism in Ireland in a hundred years. Football and beer, Hurrah!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Republicans Believe

Most Republicans believe Barack Obama is an illegal alien, they believe he is a Muslim, they believe he is a Communist. Many believe he is the Anti Christ.

This must be a very stressful time for them.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Joe Lets Loose With The Explicatives

Does anybody mind if Joe Biden uses the word fuck as an adjective? I don't. Then again, I use it all the time myself.

It's not like he told Barney Frank to go fuck himself, which they have Dick Cheney on tape doing. I don't even mind that very much. Dick probably was a little grumpy at the time but I don't think there was any malicious intent. It probably wasn't a slur against Frank's homosexuality. Cheney himself is at least as Gay as Barney Frank. I suppose you could make technical argument that this is not true, since his penis hasn't been functional since the early Seventies but it seems like kind of a thin argument.

I say let Joe turn loose with the blue talk. It probably helps make him feel young and hip and I think that's important to him. People seem to understand.

I wish my house had a zip wire

I'm not a big fan of safety, in any form. Life entails risk. Anything you do. The important thing is to evaluate the risks, get your mind right and go for it.

I don't think seat belts for anybody or car seats for small children should be mandated. When parents ensure that their children are strictly supervised and accompanied every moment of the day, I think they do their children a grave disservice.

Man, I love this. These people have been doing it every day for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. It can't help but have had a beneficial effect on the gene pool.

If I was that little boy, riding in my sister's gunny sack, I'd be looking for my own forked stick. How hard can it be?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chuck Noris Says Obamacare Is Not Healthy

Chuck Norris says that Obamacare is really an evil Communist weapon to destroy our patriotic culture of country flea markets, stock car racing, extreme fighting leagues and wholesome country two step road houses. He says the real patriots will be fading away from the public eye now for awhile because Barack's secret Commie Negro army of World domination is out to get them. It's going to be like the second Valley Forge, really.

He wants to remind you, if you are going to join the other patriots in underground seclusion, remember to take plenty of his picture filled books and multi media material along. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to take some of his exercise equipment and nutritional supplements as well. You don't want to get flabby or lose bone mass before the final war for American freedom gets started.

I don't think Chuck has to say any more abut this. I believe him and I'm getting ready to go. I wonder why he isn't coming with us?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Secret Minions

The last couple of days I've been reading that ACORN's broke, closing down all their offices and will soon be defunct.

It seems like just last year ACORN was Barack Obama's secret Communist army of Negro prostitutes and crackheads, that he was going to empower through his Presidency and use to enslave righteous White America. I remember they were building concentration camps to ship us all to, with gas chambers and sterilization clinics.

I guess I must have got that wrong.

John McCain's mental status stabilized

Senator John McCain said this morning that by passing the Health Care bill, the Democrats in Congress had poisoned the well of bipartisanship and that they should not expect much further cooperation from Republicans in the future.

This leads me to believe that the rotting process that has previously been taking place in his brain is now complete and the residue has now dried and shriveled and is resting on the bottom of his brain pan, like a petrified dog turd.

Babykiller Caller

The search is on to identify the Republican Congressman who shouted Babykiller at Bart Stupak on the House floor when he announced he would support the reconciled Health care bill for passage.

I don't care who it was. The important thing is that everyone sees he doesn't have the courage to admit it. If it never comes out who it was, it's even better, since most of the Republican side know who it was and all will be tarred with the same brush for aiding and abetting the act of cowardice. What could be better?

These old Republican guys are better than the stage villains in old timey melodramas. Maybe they will spit on some more old Black men, continue to point out the wife of the President's resemblance to a gorilla. I hope against hope for the day they refer to his daughters as watermelon munching, shuffle dancing, pick-a-ninnies. That would probably get him elected to a third term and his birthday made into a National holiday.

Not With A Bang

Even though there are headlines in every newspaper in America proclaiming last nights passage of the reconciled universal health care coverage bill in the House of Representatives and it is receiving ample coverage on television and the Internet, I am surprised at how restrained the reception of it is on all sides of the issue.

Those in favor seem unaware of how huge a victory it is. Those opposed are downplaying it's importance. I have even read some reaction on the Right indicating that this legislation can not stand, going so far as to posit that the American public will reject universal health care coverage and that it will be the issue that tips the balance of political power back to the Right in next November's elections.

The lack of affordable health care is a huge issue with the American public. It is something they will not refuse. The inclusion, sooner rather than later, of a low cost public option into the program is inevitable. Attempts to turn back the clock on this very enticing national entitlement will be the political kiss of death to anyone who tries. I'm not being partisan in any way here. I'm just saying what is.

This is the brass ring that politicians have been grasping at greedily for three quarters of a century, that eluded even the wily Clintons and this morning, the Kenyan mud boy is sitting in front of his kraal on the Potomac, holding it in his hot little hand.

This will secure his place in the history books. A second Obama term is all but assured.

This is no small thing. No mixed blessing.

Health Care Passes Congress

After more than a year in office, the closest any Republican politician has come to accepting the legitimacy of the Obama presidency is the occasional grudging admission that there is no actual proof available that Barry is an illegal alien.

The Democratic health care initiative passed Congress this weekend. Whether you like it or not, it's one of the major pieces of legislation to come out of Congress in the last hundred years. It will change the way health care is delivered in America forever. Not a single Republican voted for it.

Democratic Congressman and Civil Rights folk hero John Lewis, was spit on and called Nigger by Tea Party protesters against the health care initiative on the Washington Mall, Saturday. The same protesters jeered Congressman Barney Frank and called him Faggot. Shortly before the initiative passed, Sunday evening, a Republican Congressman called out "Baby Killer" at Congressman Bart Stupak, because of his support of the bill. There is not a stronger pro life, anti abortion voice in the United States Congress than Stupak.

Republicans maintain that Obama and the Democrats are in big trouble and will lose at the elections next November.

We're all in big trouble. We're all going to lose. More than just at the elections next November.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


It'll be Easter soon. I'm not too big, personally, on religious observance. I don't begrudge it to others. There are places in the Philippines where the men beat themselves with barbed wire flails, drag crosses through villages, then nail themselves up and hang on them to commemorate Easter.

A lot of tourists go to the PI to see this at Easter time. I've never been but I'd like to.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Big Weekend

It looks to me like this weekend will bring the culmination of President Obama's first major political initiative, win or lose, on national health care.

I have no idea how it will go. Do you?

On one hand, I believe that everyone should have access to health care, both routine and catastrophic, that is affordable. On the other hand, I'm not sure it's the government's job to provide it. I'm not sure the government should be doing a lot of things it does.

I don't like a big military and constant war. I don't like a welfare state, corporate or socialist.

The thing that worries me about health care the most is the seeming inability of the system to distinguish between legitimate care that allows someone to go on with a satisfying and productive life and hugely expensive care that preserves life in name only and to no real purpose. Who wants to take on the role of God and make the necessary codification of who gets to live and who doesn't?

Trailer Trash Babylon

I don't know if anybody is feeling sorry for Sandra Bullock over her current domestic problems. They shouldn't.

It is very common for women who have little personal insight, as well as extreme vanity and self absorption, to not be satisfied to simply establish sexual and emotional relationships with members of the opposite sex offering sincere, honest, genuinely caring interaction. Instead they need to flatter themselves that their alluring charms are sufficient to hold even the most hardcore carousing degenerate in thrall to them, even within a lifestyle that includes long periods of domestic separation. It says something about just how fucked up Sandra is that she picks a guy like Jesse James to try and work this trick on. They don't come any more impossible than Jesse. The guy is a total sexual sociopath.

It'll make good tabloid journalism. These kind of people aren't really vulnerable in the normal sense. Their careers are likely to be enhanced by the sensationalism. Hey, everybdy had a good time, got a few nice tattoos. No harm done.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Anybody in the market for a religion should check this one out. It's very exclusive. It doesn't require any great intellectual gifts or leaps of faith.

You do have to drink toxic snail mucous. If they heated it up enough it might denature the protein and make it less poisonous.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wild Immorality

"Free Love" was part of early Feminist and Women's Sufferage movement rhetoric. The thrust of it was to free women from the obligation to marry according contractual arrangement made by fathers of young women, without consent. It didn't even mean that parents couldn't decide who a woman would marry, just that she had to consent first.

The term "Free Love" was used by conservative religious and political factions for decades, as a taunt that feminists were immoral and sexually libertine. If you have ever tried to fuck a Feminist, you know this is not generally the case.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Catholic Pain Continues

The Catholic Church continues to have a lot of sex problems. That whole gay pedophile priest thing just won't go away.

It's not good to be a Gay Catholic. You can't have sex at all, unless you can make do with heterosexual sex but only if you're married and only to have children but if you're Gay, you're not supposed to have children because you might make them Gay too. You're not allowed to live with another homosexual, even if you don't have sex and must never, under any circumstances raise children, whether they're yours or not. Catholic homos used to be able to become priests and nuns but they're discouraging that now, at least they say they are.

It's not that great being a heterosexual Catholic either.

The Catholic Church used to make a lot of castratos because they sing nice. It always seemed cruel to me but ya know what? If you're going to try and be a Catholic, castrato might be the best way to go.

Dead In His Favorite Chair

I got a call from a friend of mine's daughter the other day. She was going through his stuff and found my name and number. He died a while ago. Big heart attack. She found him in his favorite chair, in front of the TV one morning and realized he was dead after trying to rouse him to go to work.

He was a college dorm roommate. We were as close as brothers for a few years. I really liked him. We were never so close after college. That's the way it goes sometimes. Life gets in the way of friendship. He went through three wives in quick succession and had a couple of kids. The third wife, the one that stayed around longest, didn't like me much. When she left him, we became friends again but it had been over twenty five years and it really didn't take.

I used to go over to his house and sit with him in the evening every once and awhile. Drink a beer. Watch a game on TV. Talk. Maybe twelve times in fifteen years. It's been a couple of years since I've done that. I remember thinking to myself, the last couple of times I saw him that he didn't look good. Kind of gray. Classic cardiac. I thought he might die soon. I take no pleasure in being right.

He's the first one of my friends, that I liked, to die of more or less natural causes at the end of what could at least nominally be considered a full life. He wasn't going to be able to retire. He was too deeply in dept and had too many obligations. Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing.

Bye Bye George. You were a great friend. We had good times.

It's Important To Respect The Faith Traditions Of Others

Faith traditions differ greatly, geographically as well as among those with different cultural, social and economic status.

I thought it was interesting that Sir Elton John believes that Jesus was a very handsome and charismatic Gay man. You can see how that concept would be very popular with the kind of affluent, well traveled, celebrity crowd he hangs out with. It might even be pivotal as to whether they accept Christianity or not. I don't see any harm in it, do you?

In the rural regions of Australia, there is a lot of resistance to idea that Jesus was a homo. It has generated a lot of public anger against Elton John. You can see how this could happen. They have a different concept of what Jesus was like and aren't a sophisticated bunch. The Australians would be very surprised themselves, to learn there are places in the World where people don't believe Jesus fucked sheep.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Americans Less Prejudiced. Still Hate The Godless.

Here's a graph I found on the Secular Right site. It's a very good site. It purports to show American willingness to vote for members of common minority groups as President. Americans are more willing than ever to support people in high public office who are different from themselves.

They still distrust atheists though. I'm hurt.

Mormons are the only group that people show a increasing distrust toward. I wonder what that's about? I like Mormons a lot more than I used to. I'm an Atheist though, so it probably doesn't mean much.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Lost Man

In 1950 I wasn't born yet. In 1960, a census taker came to my parents house. I remember him asking questions and recording the answers on a notebook. In 1970, I was living in a college dormitory. In 1980, I moved out of an apartment in Garden Grove where I had lived for a few years and into a condo I bought in Santa Ana. In 1990 and 2000 I was at the same address where I live today. I've never seen a census taker or received anything in the mail from the Census in my adult life.

Who the fuck are they counting? Not me, that's for sure. I'm not hiding.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Goin' HD

I said to my wife at Christmas that in the Spring, we would get an HDTV. I don't really yearn for one but I think she'd like it. Everybody else has one now. I think it was worth the wait, prices are lower now than they have ever been. Quite a bit lower than Christmas.

There seem to be two choices. Either get something at the very top of the line or a Walmart no name brand, that looks decent in the showroom.

The argument in favor of the top of the line is that it's not that much more expensive than mid range and that bottom line, I can afford it.

The argument in favor of Walmart is that it will probably be OK for a year or two and then I can buy something probably much better than is available now at any price, cheaper than almost anything now.

There is a third option. SONY CRT HDTVs still have the best HDTV picture available, especially in rooms with good natural light. People in Newport Beach, one town over from me, bought a lot of those a few years ago and I can find one used over there, probably for only a few hundred dollars. One of them will probably last for years. The problem with the SONY CRTs is that they weigh about two hundred pounds and have special purpose stands to hold them that weigh almost as much. A lot of work to haul it home and set it up. I can probably borrow a pickup or van and a furniture dolly from somebody but it will be just as much of a hassle when I get rid of it. Like having the Statue of Liberty in the living room.

Anybody got any suggestions? What TV do you like? What's no good?

More Tarzan, Less Cheeta

The big problem with Barry Obama is that he does not want to push through his agenda until he has substantial support from the Right Wing of American politics.

Who knows, maybe he will bring them around yet but it doesn't seem that way to me.

The Right Wing has never been shy about bulldozing through legislation that is opposed by and detrimental to the majority of the people.

Progressives have not been traditionally shy about going in for the kill when they have the advantage. If that had been the case, women would not vote, America would be racially segregated, Divorce, contraception and abortion would be illegal, there would be no employee protection in the workplace, raw sewage and industrial wastes would still be dumped in the nearest river or bog.

Barry should just start cramming it down their throats. Let them filibuster. They don't have the balls to make it stick or the votes to stop it.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

You're cleared for landing

One of the big stories in the news is about a little boy that went to work one day last month with his air traffic controller father, at JFK International Airport. Daddy let him talk to some planes. The Father's supervisor and coworkers were there. They thought it was cute. So did the pilots the little boy talked to.

There's going to be a big investigation now and probably a whole lot of new rules and regulations. The father will probably lose his job and likely never work as an air traffic controller again.

I don't see the problem here. I used to go with my Father and Grandfather to work and all sorts of other places. I did things under their supervision that a little child would never be allowed to do on his own. How many little kids sat on their fathers lap in the driver's seat of the car on a long family road trip and drove? I did. I think it was pretty common. You'd never see anybody doing that with their little kids today.

It wasn't that long ago that little boys no older or not much older, were participating fully in the life of society. They worked full time in mines, factories, farms and businesses.

I knew this old guy once, he's dead now. He lived on his own for as long as he could remember. As a small child, he lived in the main branch of The Bank of Italy, in San Francisco, slept on a little pallet in a utility closet. There was a toilet and sink available. The bank executives gave him small change. What more did a boy need? He never spent a day in school. He was never even sure of his real name.

When the big earthquake in '06 hit, he stayed with the rubble of the bank and protected the records and assets as best he could. Where was he going to go? It was the only home he knew. The Giannini brothers took notice of him after that and he became a trusted employee. When the bank reopened, he wasn't tall enough to stand at a teller's window, so they put him to researching and verifying loan applications. It soon became evident that he didn't make many bad loans. By the time he was twelve he was acting as a senior financial officer and investing on his own. He often traveled independently for the bank, while still in his teens, representing them in sensitive negotiations all over the country. He never had a high profile job with what would soon become the Bank of America but when he retired, he was one of the highest paid and had a very high net worth. Even after 65 years of service, they tried to entice him to stay on. Just a stupid little boy.

You May Say I'm A Dreamer But I'm Not The Only One

The Luddites want to deny that science has any validity. They want to deny that the observable is real.

There is no global warming. Pollution is not a problem. The fact that most of the World's vertebrate biomass is human has no negative implications for the future.

When I was born, the human population of the World was a little less than 4 billion. A hundred and fifty years before I was born, the population was still a little under 1 billion. Currently, six decades after my birth, the population is fast approaching 7 billion. These are facts. The documented rate of population increase has real implications for the future of human society.

According to the Luddites, the problem is that the birth rate is not high enough. According to some reactionary political and religious authorities, contraception and abortion should be outlawed. Women should stay home and have at least 7 children apiece and a lot more if they can. What's interesting is that a lot of people think that it's a fine idea. They think that the World is still vastly under populated. They must have listened to too much John Lennon music when they were young.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Drink Up Barry

Wing nuts are pouncing on Barry O's Doctor recommendation that he engage in moderate alcohol intake as proof that he is a big drunk. I don't think there is any indication that he is or has ever been a big drinker. I'm sure he has a few cocktails from time to time. If you want to be hip in African American culture and I'm sure he does, that's the way you have to go.

Even if he was a big drinker, he's only in his late 40s and healthy. Even if he whoops it up big time, he won't be in any trouble until way after he's out of the Presidency and who cares about that.

The biggest drinker we had in the White House in recent times was Nixon. LBJ went off the wagon after he was through with the Presidency and pretty much drank himself to death. I hear he liked to smoke quite a bit of Marijuana too. George Bush was a big drunk at one time and I saw video of him and Laura at the Beijing Olympics where he was totally fucked up. He looked like he was having a good time. A guy as rich as he is can't be any stranger to cocaine.

I don't know of too many successful politicians who are teatotalers, in real life. They all hit it pretty hard.


America is called by many a Christian nation. What is a Christian?

I don't really believe in God, at least not an activist, sentient God like many do. I don't think that Jesus, if he really existed, was any more the "Son of God" than any of the rest of us. I don't think that Mary was a virgin although I guess it could have been a case of parthenogenesis but then Jesus would have been a girl.

I think a lot of what Jesus said was good but not all of it. I'm not sure if Jesus really said or did all the things he is credited with. I don't believe in the miracles. I don't believe he rose from the dead. I don't believe he's in Heaven or that I will ever meet him there after I die. I was raised a Christian and try to follow many of the tenants. Does that make me a Christian? I have some doubts about that.

I think everybody wherever they are or how they were raised knows right from wrong and which one they are doing in any given situation. Does this mean that God communicates with us? Sometimes I think maybe it does. Does that make me religious?

I don't like a lot of people that call themselves Christians. I am uncomfortable with them. I don't like being in their churches. I prefer not to be known as a Christian.


There is a new study out that purports to show that liberals are smarter, more likely to not believe in God and less likely to cheat on their wives than conservatives.

I wonder how they decided what a liberal and conservative are? I have no idea. I must not be very smart.

Liberals are more likely than conservatives to believe that they are smarter. I believe that. Liberals are always spouting off about how smart they are. Conservatives rarely say they are smart, only that they are right.

I don't think smart means much in politics anyway. Jimmy Carter was the smartest guy to be President in my lifetime. He was and is very religious and would never cheat on his wife. Nobody much liked him. One of the few positive things you could say about Nixon was that he was smart. That never did him any good. Ronald Reagan was never smart and by the time he got to be President was Alzhammered. I don't think he was very religious. He was Gay, so it's hard to say if he cheated on his wife. Everybody loved him. Then there was Bubba. He was a real smart guy, claimed to be religious but would cheat on his wife in a flash. A lot of people liked him, despite everything and still do. Go figure.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Iraqi Christians Persecuted

When Bush/Cheney invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq, ignorant Christer scum in America cheered them on. They cheered as the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban was thrown out of power in Afghanistan. They cheered when we first enlisted the aide of the Shiia to kill the Sunnis and then the Sunnis to kill the Shiia in Iraq.

Hundreds of thousands died. Millions were displaced and made homeless. Ignorant, Christer, pig fuckers kept on cheering.

So after several years of carnage, destruction and genocide, the inhabitants of Iraq have begun to take out their rage and frustration on the Christian population in their midst. They are being killed and driven out of their homes.

The fat, ignorant, pig fucking, Christer, Bush/Cheney loving scum, here in the US, don't understand how those Sandniggers over there, can be so cruel and heartless.