Tuesday, March 02, 2010


There is a new study out that purports to show that liberals are smarter, more likely to not believe in God and less likely to cheat on their wives than conservatives.

I wonder how they decided what a liberal and conservative are? I have no idea. I must not be very smart.

Liberals are more likely than conservatives to believe that they are smarter. I believe that. Liberals are always spouting off about how smart they are. Conservatives rarely say they are smart, only that they are right.

I don't think smart means much in politics anyway. Jimmy Carter was the smartest guy to be President in my lifetime. He was and is very religious and would never cheat on his wife. Nobody much liked him. One of the few positive things you could say about Nixon was that he was smart. That never did him any good. Ronald Reagan was never smart and by the time he got to be President was Alzhammered. I don't think he was very religious. He was Gay, so it's hard to say if he cheated on his wife. Everybody loved him. Then there was Bubba. He was a real smart guy, claimed to be religious but would cheat on his wife in a flash. A lot of people liked him, despite everything and still do. Go figure.

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