Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Important To Respect The Faith Traditions Of Others

Faith traditions differ greatly, geographically as well as among those with different cultural, social and economic status.

I thought it was interesting that Sir Elton John believes that Jesus was a very handsome and charismatic Gay man. You can see how that concept would be very popular with the kind of affluent, well traveled, celebrity crowd he hangs out with. It might even be pivotal as to whether they accept Christianity or not. I don't see any harm in it, do you?

In the rural regions of Australia, there is a lot of resistance to idea that Jesus was a homo. It has generated a lot of public anger against Elton John. You can see how this could happen. They have a different concept of what Jesus was like and aren't a sophisticated bunch. The Australians would be very surprised themselves, to learn there are places in the World where people don't believe Jesus fucked sheep.

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cut and shoot said...

Some people claim to have royalty in their heritage even though most of them were more likely to be horse thieves and drunkards.

Others like to brag of their Indian blood by claiming Princess White Feather married their grandfather, or was it their great-grandfather? How!

Some radical blacks claim that Jesus was black.

And a limp-wristed old queen now says that Jesus was gay. Are we through rewriting history yet?