Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Joe Lets Loose With The Explicatives

Does anybody mind if Joe Biden uses the word fuck as an adjective? I don't. Then again, I use it all the time myself.

It's not like he told Barney Frank to go fuck himself, which they have Dick Cheney on tape doing. I don't even mind that very much. Dick probably was a little grumpy at the time but I don't think there was any malicious intent. It probably wasn't a slur against Frank's homosexuality. Cheney himself is at least as Gay as Barney Frank. I suppose you could make technical argument that this is not true, since his penis hasn't been functional since the early Seventies but it seems like kind of a thin argument.

I say let Joe turn loose with the blue talk. It probably helps make him feel young and hip and I think that's important to him. People seem to understand.


Steve Harkonnen said...

I'd grant him that privilege. But damn that leftist media always attacking the right, er, left.

Cut and Shoot said...

I think it was Senator Leahy who Cheney (PBUH) told to go fuck himself.

reddog said...

You're undoubtedly right. I thought it was Barney Frank for some reason but have no clear memory. That pretty much sums up my mental powers about most things these days.