Monday, March 08, 2010

Americans Less Prejudiced. Still Hate The Godless.

Here's a graph I found on the Secular Right site. It's a very good site. It purports to show American willingness to vote for members of common minority groups as President. Americans are more willing than ever to support people in high public office who are different from themselves.

They still distrust atheists though. I'm hurt.

Mormons are the only group that people show a increasing distrust toward. I wonder what that's about? I like Mormons a lot more than I used to. I'm an Atheist though, so it probably doesn't mean much.


Cut and Shoot said...

Mormons have some really strange beliefs. They believe some of Israel's lost tribes immigrated to South America and became the continents first people. DNA testing has all but devastated that idea.

They have a hightened awareness of ancestry. They keep meticulous records of relationships. They most likely don't even know why they do so. Maybe it's a Genesis type of thing.

Those mormons I have met seemed nice enough but they seemed to be somewhat robotic in answering questions about their religion.

Anonymous said...

We don't care how you bring'em just Brigham young.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I've always been skeptical of Mormonism. For starters, NEVER knock or ring on a Saturday morning wagging a bible at me or with pamphlets. I'm liable to answer the door wearing my boxer shorts with the missing front button.