Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hoppin' Down The Bunny Trail

It's Palm Sunday, the beginning of an important week in Christian mythology. According to legend, it was on this Sunday of the year when Jesus made his triumphant entrance to Jerusalem. By the following Sunday, he had been condemned, tortured, executed,  dead two days and on the third day risen and in so doing, brought salvation and eternal life from God to anyone who becomes a Christian. Nifty.

I don't believe any of that stuff. Even if it turns out to be true, I don't believe that those who claim to be the contemporary purveyors of Christianity have valid claim. Those that I can identify are universally foul. If I find myself at some point facing the judgment of God, I would rather do so on my own, on the basis of my own thoughts, words and deeds in life, than allied with criminal scum like that.

What about you? How do you want to face God? By yourself or hand in hand with your chosen Christian leader?


Cut and Shoot said...

I'll be asking why Christians don't get 72 virgins.

reddog said...

I don't think the Christian heaven has that many virgins. It's OK with me.

I'd be happy with a half dozen factory refurbished retreads. I'm a simple boy. I have no experience with virgins anyway and would prefer not to have anything to do with them.

Cut and Shoot said...

I might add the the word "mythology" doesn't always apply.

The city of Troy was once considered by the smartest people to be a myth.