Friday, March 19, 2010

Trailer Trash Babylon

I don't know if anybody is feeling sorry for Sandra Bullock over her current domestic problems. They shouldn't.

It is very common for women who have little personal insight, as well as extreme vanity and self absorption, to not be satisfied to simply establish sexual and emotional relationships with members of the opposite sex offering sincere, honest, genuinely caring interaction. Instead they need to flatter themselves that their alluring charms are sufficient to hold even the most hardcore carousing degenerate in thrall to them, even within a lifestyle that includes long periods of domestic separation. It says something about just how fucked up Sandra is that she picks a guy like Jesse James to try and work this trick on. They don't come any more impossible than Jesse. The guy is a total sexual sociopath.

It'll make good tabloid journalism. These kind of people aren't really vulnerable in the normal sense. Their careers are likely to be enhanced by the sensationalism. Hey, everybdy had a good time, got a few nice tattoos. No harm done.

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