Friday, March 19, 2010

Big Weekend

It looks to me like this weekend will bring the culmination of President Obama's first major political initiative, win or lose, on national health care.

I have no idea how it will go. Do you?

On one hand, I believe that everyone should have access to health care, both routine and catastrophic, that is affordable. On the other hand, I'm not sure it's the government's job to provide it. I'm not sure the government should be doing a lot of things it does.

I don't like a big military and constant war. I don't like a welfare state, corporate or socialist.

The thing that worries me about health care the most is the seeming inability of the system to distinguish between legitimate care that allows someone to go on with a satisfying and productive life and hugely expensive care that preserves life in name only and to no real purpose. Who wants to take on the role of God and make the necessary codification of who gets to live and who doesn't?


Steve Harkonnen said...

Well, health care certainly isn't mentioned in our Constitution, so why do it now?

It'll pass but in a few months (November) the Republicans will be back in power to repeal it.

Texas Commie said...

I'm pretty conservative but I would support nationalized healthcare if they would repeal all those other freebies that the so-called oppressed people are "entitled" to.

Healthcare is vital to a nation's prosperity and well-being. I do not want anyone to suffer because of a lack of healthcare.