Friday, March 05, 2010

More Tarzan, Less Cheeta

The big problem with Barry Obama is that he does not want to push through his agenda until he has substantial support from the Right Wing of American politics.

Who knows, maybe he will bring them around yet but it doesn't seem that way to me.

The Right Wing has never been shy about bulldozing through legislation that is opposed by and detrimental to the majority of the people.

Progressives have not been traditionally shy about going in for the kill when they have the advantage. If that had been the case, women would not vote, America would be racially segregated, Divorce, contraception and abortion would be illegal, there would be no employee protection in the workplace, raw sewage and industrial wastes would still be dumped in the nearest river or bog.

Barry should just start cramming it down their throats. Let them filibuster. They don't have the balls to make it stick or the votes to stop it.

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Ronald Reagan said...

Barry is a lameduck...after only one year in office.