Sunday, March 28, 2010

Did you turn off your lights for Earth Hour?

I read about Earth Hour during the few weeks before it happened. Mostly I read about it on Right Wing web sites. I don't know anybody who participated.

Earth Day has been around for decades.  I used to know a lot of people that participated in Earth day activities. People would get together at parks for rallies. In the beginning it was a big thing to line highways, hold hands and people would supposedly be linked by hand all across America. Nobody does much any more for Earth day.

I don't think anybody anywhere is really very interested in ecology, pollution, reduced energy usage or any of that kind of stuff any more. Ditto for Global Warming or the acidification of the biosphere. It's not that it's not happening because it is, just nobody cares. Maybe eventually they will but I don't see it happening any time soon. For now, people with a few extra bucks buy a Prius. That makes them feel good about themselves.

Mostly, Earth Hour was just for the Wing Nuts to have something to hate on and scoff at, like they do with Barry O. Whatever gets them through the day. It's OK with Me.

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