Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Chicks

When I was a little boy, during Easter week, they would sell a lot of baby chicks, ducklings and bunnies. A lot of places gave them away as a promotional item. A lot of times they would dye them pink or blue. We used to gather up the chicks after Easter around the neighborhood and keep them in our back yard. If you fed them, a lot of them would survive. They would get big and eventually we would eat them. We didn't want the bunnies or ducklings. Too much trouble.

You don't see that so much any more, at least around where I live. I think it's probably illegal. It's certainly a bad idea, unless you eat them like we did.

Did you have chicks, bunnies and ducks at Easter when you were little? What happened to them? Did you eat them?


Steve Harkonnen said...

No, but in Iceland we adopted a free rabbit, with cage and accessories, not realizing how mean that SOB was.

We took her to a local pet shop in nearby Keflavik. A week later, my daughter wanted to go by and see the rabbit one more time. So when we went in to see the rabbit, the store owner just came right out and said it in plain English:

"No, she's gone. We had her for dinner."

My daughter had a fit!

Cut and Shoot said...

Out here in the woods where I live almost everyone has a few critters in their backyards. Some of the roosters are in a different time zone because they crow anytime between 2am and 10am.

Some of the illegals have goats and cows which they cook every time a holiday comes around.

A few raise rabbits but I don't know if they eat them or just raise them for the skins.

reddog said...

Rabbit is my favorite. They just take more effort to raise and I always think it's cruel forcing them to live in cramped little hutches.

Chickens you can just let run.