Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chuck Noris Says Obamacare Is Not Healthy

Chuck Norris says that Obamacare is really an evil Communist weapon to destroy our patriotic culture of country flea markets, stock car racing, extreme fighting leagues and wholesome country two step road houses. He says the real patriots will be fading away from the public eye now for awhile because Barack's secret Commie Negro army of World domination is out to get them. It's going to be like the second Valley Forge, really.

He wants to remind you, if you are going to join the other patriots in underground seclusion, remember to take plenty of his picture filled books and multi media material along. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to take some of his exercise equipment and nutritional supplements as well. You don't want to get flabby or lose bone mass before the final war for American freedom gets started.

I don't think Chuck has to say any more abut this. I believe him and I'm getting ready to go. I wonder why he isn't coming with us?

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