Friday, September 10, 2010

My Pants Are Old Friends

The weather is pretty mild here all the time. Usually I just wear shorts. If it's too cool for shorts, a lot of the time I wear sweatpants. I like the kind of shorts and sweatpants that have drawstrings. I buy them cheap at thrift stores. A lot of times the reason people throw these kind of pants away is because the drawstring is badly frayed or broken. You can buy those ones really cheap.

I haven't bought any pants for at least ten years. I have plenty. Probably a lifetime supply. They get a little ragged looking as the years pass. I don't mind. That's the look I'm going for.

I do have to put in new drawstrings occasionally in some of them though. I use small gauge polyester clothes line. That never breaks. I just run a safety pin through the cord, fasten it shut, then use the closed pin with the cord attached like a needle and thread and work it through the drawstring lumen in the waistband.

I did six pairs tonight. Took about an hour. Now they're good as new.


Anonymous said...

Well, since I'm "retired" and we don't go to church anymore about all I have less is blue jeans. I have a lifetime supply, and I am hoping to lose more weight to buy more and get rid of the old.

I have two sets of sweats that are just too hot to wear in the summer but I wear them around the clock in the winter.

I quit trying to impress people after I left the Navy.

Contrary said...

Thank you, David, for not posting a picture of you in shorts.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Pretty smart ideas!