Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Coulda' been a Contenda'

In what is becoming a routine occurrence among young and not so young lions and lionesses of the GOP, Mitch Daniels stated for the benefit of the Sunday news shows today that he chooses not to run for President but that if he had he would have easily gained the Republican national nomination and gone on to beat Obama in 2012.

The Republicans would seem to have a bunch of potential candidates that can beat Obama but none of them wants to run. Does this mean that they don't want to be President? Does it mean that they would just as soon let Obama stay President for another term? Is somebody lying to them about their chances of being elected. Are they all just retards? These are all important questions that the Republican Party must ask and answer for themselves before they actually decide who is going to represent the party in the Presidential elections of 2012.

Just to keep the record straight, every Republican so far, that I thought might be a successful Presidential candidate has declined to run. They all agreed with me that they could have won though, so I'm feelin' pretty cocky.

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beebs said...

Ya know, when the Donald is a contender....

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