Friday, April 20, 2012

Highest Tradition of the Service

People seem to think that the Secret Service in this country has some kind of grand tradition. It was founded by a guy named Pinkerton. He was very proactive and used the same modus operandi for the entirety of his career.

First he would be appraised of by his employer  or identify for himself, person or persons perceived as a threat to those whom he is working in aid of. He would then confront these people, in person or by proxy, tell them to cease and desist and leave the area. In aid of this objective, he would burn their homes, crops and business enterprises, intimidate and brutalize their families, friends and associates. If any man stood up to his minions in protest, they were killed outright.

This man not only founded the Secret Service but built large private security and strike breaking forces for the major corporate entities and establishments of institutional wealth in America.

At present, the Secret Service appears to have been co opted by members of the spec op establishments of our various armed forces. These guys do dirty jobs, that nobody else wants to do, in violence ridden, pestilent shit holes all over the World. Guys like this, when not actually killing the denizens of whatever destination they are sent, are usually fucking the indigenous women.

You wanna hire guys like this, ya gotta take the whole package.

"It's Tommy this and Tommy that and Tommy wipe your feet but it's savior of the country, when the drums begin to beat."

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