Sunday, July 14, 2013

What do you think of the George Zimmerman verdict?

We know that George Zimmerman, observing from his vehicle, made false assumptions about Treyvon Martin, as he walked through the housing complex where Zimmerman lived one night. It's commonly called profiling. It's not illegal. We know Zimmerman followed Martin in his car, calling the police to report his suspicions of the youth's supposed nefarious activities and intent. Not illegal.  We know that Zimmerman exited his vehicle, approached the younger Martin, confronted him and an altercation ensued. Foolish? yes. Ill advised? In fact he had been warned against it by the police operator...but not illegal.  In the end, Treyvon Martin lay dying, shot at close range in the chest. Zimmerman maintained he felt his life threatened and no one was left alive to dispute him.

The jury heard the case and made it's verdict. The correct verdict. In Florida and many other States, at present, it's perfectly legal to commit murder.

George Zimerman is a murderer. Doesn't matter.  He has been found not guilty, according to the law, by a dually empaneled jury of his peers, in a fair trial. Not unusual. We've seen it before. Does this verdict really matter? I don't know. Nothing will bring Treyvon Martin back.

Is this an incident of racism? I don't know. Treyvon was African American. George Zimmerman is the product of exactly the type interracial mongrelization that White power factions have always warned against and has convincingly presented himself as intellectually diminished, cringing, cowardly and bestial by nature. Racism by proxy? By Zombie?

Doesn't really fit covenant stereotypes, dies it?

Maybe gunning down people that you've stalked and confronted, for no valid reason, alone, late on a stormy night, on a dark street, shouldn't be legal in Florida. I wonder why nobody thought of that.