Saturday, February 12, 2011


I don't know very much about Egypt. I know that the Camp David accords were bullshit. Egypt and Israel agreed to leave each other alone in return for weapons Israel needed to subdue its other neighbors and the Egyptian military its own population.

Egypt has a large population, most of whom are desperately poor. They have no education. They have no skills. Many Egyptians are made slaves in payment of their parent's debt. The idea that Egypt will ever be a democracy is ridiculous.

Perhaps they will achieve some basic freedoms of movement and expression. Maybe a few  hundred more calories a day in their diets. Every little bit helps.

The only real freedom longed for by most Egyptians with any real ambition is the freedom to escape the confines of Egypt, to the West, where the possibility of a real life awaits.

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Steve Harkonnen said...

And, the biggest lesson yet to be learned, is when will the United States ever learn to stop interfering with other nations' internal affairs?

It all starts with the abolishment of foreign aid, but too many Americans are brainwashed into believing in the UN and our mistakes from the past 100 years.