Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Travels With Charley

A lot of people are saying a lot of things about Charley Sheen and his notorious lifestyle.

I never really had the kind of resources to devote to the pursuit as Charley but I like to think I  did my fair share.

I think I can tell you exactly how he feels. Sometimes when I would come to, pull myself together and revue recent events, sure, I was a little humiliated by thoughts of the things I had done. I felt bad at the way I had treated family, friends and lovers. It never occurred to me that I was scraping bottom and needed to change my ways.

I always figured I needed a little more practice, get in a little bit deeper, extend my control and at some point I would become perfectly acclimated to the life. I would reach a nirvana of depravity, with no more mornings after.

I only ever quit when I got so old and used up that the turnaround time was eating up most of my life and the turnaround time was no fun at all. If Charley ever reforms, it'll be for the same reasons. Charley may never reform. He may just die. Nirvana. I envy him.

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Contrary said...

He's bipolar. He needs to drop the cocaine, too.