Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Democracy Doesn't Work

Citizens of democracies initially are happy just not to be oppressed and taken advantage of. Eventually they learn that they can vote themselves whatever benefits that they want. Free education, liberal social welfare benefits, health care, whatever they want. Cool. Then the Governments go broke. Eventually a dictatorship takes over and cracks down. Society is back in balance and spending is under control but so are the people. They are no longer free. It doesn't matter. The majority welcome it.

America is getting close to hat point. Democracy isn't a functional form of government. It never was. It never will be.

In the end, people crave order and function over freedom. I'm not being snotty about this. I 'm just like everyone else. We're all Nazis at heart, including me.

It's still a free country today. Go out and enjoy yourself while you can. It won't last. I guarantee it.

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Contrary in Texas said...

"We're all Nazis at heart, including me."

Don't include me. Nazis were leftists, with a great love for government controlling everything.

Conservatives like small government and more local control.