Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Stand By Me

The Democratic Party is bigger than the Republican Party. It always has been. That is truer now than ever before. This is the key to presidential politics in America.

When Hubert Humphrey was beaten by Nixon, when Carter and Mondale were beaten by Reagan, When Gore and Kerry were beaten by Bush, they were not beaten by Republican voters. They were beaten by Democratic voters who crossed over and voted for the Republican candidate.

The key to becoming a Republican president is not the level of support that you have in your base but how many Democratic voters and Democratic leaning independents you can steal from the other side. The job for the Democratic candidate is completely different. His job is not to garner crossover votes from the Republicans but to keep his base from deserting him.

Obama is despised by the Republican base like no other Democratic Presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter. In the end, Jimmy Carter came to be seen unfavorably by many Democrats as well. That is what lost him his second term.

Most Republicans believe that Barack Obama is the illegitimate son of a blood thirsty, hereditary Kenyan, Mau Mau chieftain and a wandering hippie Earth mother (I've met several Wingers who swear she was a Jewess, as well), a Muslim Manchurian candidate, a mentally deficient recipient of affirmative action educational and life achievement accolades, a communist, secretly hates White people, plotting furiously to bring about our national downfall and not a legal, natural born, citizen of the United States of America. I think it's unlikely that many Republicans will vote for Barack Obama in 2012, don't you? They could get themselves a side show lobsterboy, with a corkscrew penis, who bites the heads off of live chickens, run him and he would poll a lot better among Republican voters than Barack Obama. You might think that's a joke but are Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman really that far off from the corkscrew penised, lobsterboy, geek?

So here's the real question. Will any Democrats vote for the Republican candidate for President of the United States in November of 2012? Like always, I think that depends on who they run. If they're smart they'll take a lesson from history and run another one of those "uniter, not a divider, guys". That's what's always worked before.

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