Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wheel O' Fortune

I missed the Republican Presidential candidate debate last night because I had to attend a social event with my wife. I read a couple of newspaper rehashes of it this morning though.

It's becoming clear that none of the announced candidates are viable challengers against Barack Obama. The Republicans will have to run somebody else. The only one I can think of is still David Petraeus and that's just a wild guess. I don't even have any reason to believe he wants to be President. It's likely he doesn't.

We'll just have to see who emerges. Somebody will. Until then, the guys they have are just enthusiasticly inept volunteers, keeping the lights on, the open sign on the front door and stamping parking validations out for curious browsers, without any hope of ringing up a sale.


Anonymous said...

I doubt that the good General will run, they have him locked up as CIA director and that will tie him up for the campaign.

It's the old rule, only a live boy or a dead girl in bed can stop Obama.

Personally, I'd like Ron Paul to run, but I can't fantasize.

W.C. Varones said...

Chris Christie would beat Obama. So would Mitt Romney.

We're in a Depression that's being worsened by ObamaCare and the additional debt burden from Obama's failed Porkulus.

Anyone who doesn't come off as a social conservative religious nut could beat Obama.

Contrary in Texas said...

Hey, Reddog, did you re-enlist and go on a Westpac? Where are you hiding/