Friday, July 09, 2010

Forced Bloom?

I'll tell you one of the things that bothers me about society, politics and religion today. There are plenty of people selling hatred and paranoia. There are also enough "let cooler heads prevail types" around.

What we're missing is Utopians. Nobody is out there preaching that we're on the road to paradise, with a song in their heart and lyrical poetry on theirs lips. I've never been one of those people and have never believed the kinds of things that they say but I think they make up an important, even necessary component of a healthy, vital society, at both ends of the spectrum. They are like flowers in the Spring, signaling after a rough Winter that everything is as it should be.

About the only place you find Utopian sentiments these days is in the scientific and technology communities. I think this is because in these areas, at least, there is still advancement and progress being made and it's inspirational, inspiring among its denizens the feeling that progress in the right direction is being made and better days are ahead.

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Contrary said...

Isn't it the Utopians who have gotten us into the current mess?