Monday, October 18, 2010

Elections Coming Up

The mid term election campaign season is coming to a close. For me, it's kind of anti climactic. No big surprises. The last election cycle was a big emotional high for the Left. There was a lot of criticism against the Right and a big turnout on the Left, resulting in big representative gains for them and the election of a relatively inexperienced and previously unknown, dark horse to the Presidency. It's no big surprise, at least to me, that the Republicans have turned the tables. They have energized their base with a lot criticism and emotion of their own and will no doubt make a big recovery.

It doesn't really rile me up. Nothing changes too fast in America. It's like watching a glacier melt. It's happening but you need time lapse photography to notice it. I'm not conflicted about how I will vote and won't be too surprised or upset when the vote goes against me. It's not like it hasn't been happening regularly for the last four decades. Things have changed and I'm not all that unhappy with the way things are likely going.

I'm ready for the next election cycle to begin. I think there will be some big changes in the political climate. There always are and I'm eager to see.

The only result I really want to see is whether or not Marijuana gets legalized in California. I think it has a good chance and even though the Federal authorities state it will make no difference, I think it could really shake things up. How would you vote on the legalization of Marijuana? I'm thinking about growing a few plants in the backyard. Have a few baggies on hand. Housewarming and hostess gifts. Tips for the paperboy. That kind of thing.

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Contrary said...

"Dark horse" sounds like a Freudian slip to me.

As for pot, I can do without it. When I was fresh out of the Navy in '69 I used to buy a brick (kilo) of pot from a dude who came by ever two weeks and chop it up and bag it. I sold about half of it and smoked the rest. Nowadays I'm happy with a Dr Pepper and Motrin.