Sunday, October 31, 2010

Palin in '12

I have always maintained that Sarah Palin would never run for President. I am often wrong and in this opinion I may be wrong. Given the demographics of the likely turnout on Tuesday, if we were electing a President and Sarah was running, she might well win. She undoubtedly realizes this and I am starting to think she might like to be President.

The 2012 Presidential campaign starts next Wednesday. It should be clear soon whether or not she's going to run and if she's not, there's not much else for her to do. I don't think she's ready to hang it up. She's having a good time and performing at the top of her game.

I think she'll go for it and I think there's nobody to stop her taking the Republican nomination. What do you think?


Buck said...

I have no idea whether she'll run or not, but politicians aren't known for overestimating their chances...

Contrary said...

If she was running today it would be no contest. However in 2012 so many things will be different. Women republicans are showing more fortitude than men right now. They are speaking up more than the men who have been politically castrated. I like Michelle Bachmann just as much as I like Sarah Palin. Watch her.