Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm So Sorry, Uncle Clarence

So, what do you think about that emailed request for an apology from Ginni Thomas, for her husband Clarence, to  professor Anita Hill?

At the time of Thomas' confirmation hearings in 1991, I thought that Anita was telling the truth, as far as she went and that Clarence was lying but he seemed to be genuinely hurt and offended by her claims. It seemed to me that there was some sort of back story that we weren't getting. While some of the interactions between Clarence and Anita certainly seemed inappropriate, according to her, Clarence never actually groped her or pushed hard for a sexual relationship between them, which seems strange, given the intimacy implied by the verbal exchanges that went on between them.

I don't want to go into a whole conspiracy theory about this but it seemed to me that maybe Clarence thought Anita was a lesbian and maybe was trying in his own clumsy way to establish a collegial, "just one of the boys" relationship with her. I still think maybe she's gay and whether she ever stated such to Clarence, it was clear to her that he was aware of the fact and also she ws aware that however boorish his behavior towards her, it was no attempt at sexual molestation or discrimination, just a guy who didn't know quite how to act around her but was giving it his best, not very good, try.

Now, on the other hand, have you ever seen Ginni Thomas on TV? The way she looks, talks and dresses? Total, unmistakable dyke. At least as obvious as the Janet's Reno and Napolitano. So what does that make Clarence? Is he Gay too? You have to admit, he has shown a definite obsession for huge, black penis. The other explanation, is that he is the male version of a Fag hag, heterosexual but uncomfortable with sexually accessible women and more animated around lesbians, who support rather than directly engage his fragile masculinity.

Whatever. I don't think this episode is going to cause Clarence to turn in his choir robe in shame.  Even with the Gay wife, I think life is pretty damn sweet for him. It's an interesting postscript to a controversial American political episode after twenty years. I hope there are more developments. It's fun and we could all use a little fun.


Contrary said...

I once worked with a guy who believed that all women were lesbians. He belived that some came out of the closet but most others scammed a man into marriage and the resulting economic security. Sex with men was only a small price to pay for such an arrangement.

Contrary said...

I should have mentioned that we razzed him unmercifully by referring to his lesbian mother and lesbian wife.

reddog said...

Some guys have bad luck with women but they're usually the guys that treat them bad and end up with the ones nobody else wants. Within that group is a very large number of mean lesbians with violent tendencies.