Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Black Dirt, Ignorant Pig Fuckers

How do you feel about Barack Obama releasing his birth certificate today?

Let me tell you how I feel.

It was a big mistake.

The Birther movement was never about believing that Barry O wasn't born in this country. The people that whipped it up don't even believe it. Donald Trump certainly never believed it, nor could he care less. All the Donald cares about is who he can next swindle their life savings out of and the next underage girl he can defile. Birtherism is simply a mechanism by which Republican hacks can whip the dimwits into a frenzy of xenophobic fear and hatred.

Only a small group of people ever believed Obama was not born in this country, none of whom voted for him in the first place and none of whom would ever vote for him again.

Releasing his birth certificate can do nothing to change the way people think of him, it only gives credence to the birthers accusations by providing a serious response, thereby legitimizing their claims. It will not assuage their lying charges or silence them in any way. The charges are not and never have been worthy of response.

Letting the birth certificate question continue unanswered on the other hand, would have given daily proof to the rest of us, that they are nothing but black dirt, ignorant pig fuckers and that is a good and true thing.

All Barry has done today has let Republican dirty tricksters know they are getting to him and spur them on to even more extreme and ridiculous charges. See if I'm not right.


Contrary in Texas said...

I think the real target is Obama's school records. Conservatives want to see his grades. The birth certificate thingee is just the first step. They want evidence that he is not the smartest guy in the galaxy.

There are also some who believe he went to Pakistan back in the 80's on an Indonesian passport. And that he attended three colleges in the U.S. as a foreign student and/or received financial aid from the affirmative action clown posse.

reddog said...

You're absolutely right, Old Gary. This stuff will just go on and on.