Saturday, April 23, 2011

Could he be "The One"

All of a sudden, Paul Ryan is everywhere. It looks like he is going to be the Republican spokes model in their continuing fight with the Democrats over the budget, which will have deep deficits, no matter what either side does or who gets their way. He's an attractive figure for the Republicans. No divorces. No scandalous baggage. Not only is he young but he looks young. Hopefully he's SoCon enough to satisfy the Republican base but not so much that he scares away independents.

That's a good thing for the Republicans and maybe for Paul. He's going to be getting a huge amount of free publicity and ample opportunity to blame Barry O for whatever happens. They need a guy just like him right now, unless they want to go with one of the sickly current crop of contenders in 2012. He seems to be shaping up as a Republican Howard Dean. What do you think?

He could easily run for President. It's possible that he could win the Republican nomination, simply because there won't be another viable candidate. Who knows, he might even win the general election. He'd be a sure fire big donation getter.

The problem is, what would he do once he gets elected President? So far, that's been Barry's biggest problem. He's doing OK and in the current environment, that's all anybody can hope for but it may not be enough. The people want a guy who's bullet proof, walks on water and can bring back the Golden Age. It's just my opinion but I don't think that's likely to happen. Do you?

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