Monday, December 28, 2009

Avatar. Yeah or Neigh?

Has anybody seen Avatar yet? I've never been a big fan of Cameron's movies. Terminator II was probably the best one and it wasn't that good. He's really deficient in the area of character development. I was hoping this one would be a big flop, just because it cost so much but it seems to be doing well. I've never gone to a theater to see one of his movies. I'm not planning to break my steak now.

From what I can tell, he lifted the idea from the old Jay Ward Rocky and Bullwinkle TV cartoon series, the plot line where they enlist the help of Captain Peter Peachfuzz to claim Bullwinkle's inheritance of the floating Mount Flatten, the only source of the rare antigravity element, Upsydaiseyium. I hope he paid a royalty on that.

It's tempting to go and see it at an Imax. I've never been to one. I'd get my money's worth. It's almost three hours long.

What do you all think? Is it worth the money and time? I'm old and I lose critical butt circulation sitting upright in a theater seat that long. Makes my sciatica flair up too.

Ya know what? I lied. A friend of mine convinced me to go see Alien when it first came out. It wasn't terrible. Sigorny still looked pretty good in those days. Once again, character development was the big problem, which was a shame, it had a great cast.


wcv said...

Yeah, saw it in IMAX. Stupid plot and characters but well worth the price for the visuals alone.

Anonymous said...

Avatar is basically making two statements.....

1) white men bad

2) minorites good

-- Gary in Texas

reddog said...

Gary- It's been years! How did the ranch in the hinterlands go?

Send me an email or fill up some comment space.

Anonymous said...

The rich bastard (lawyer) decided to sell the ranch and horses. Luckily I have a few bucks stashed away. Am now living out in the woods about 45 miles north of Houston...surrounded by rednecks and illegal Mexicans...and everyone seems to be cooking meth.

-- Gary in Texas

Anonymous said...


Save your money. Do you really want to enrich Hollywood? I'm waiting until it plays on CBS.

For a ten-spot, I can buy half a box of JHP 9mm.

Steve Harkonnen said...

The scenes were pleasant, but I kept on looking at my watch, hoping it would end soon. My wife got mad at me because I fell asleep in the middle of the movie.

We actually got our money back in free tickets for another movie - but trust me, it will not be AVATAR. What a piece of crap movie. Dumb and inspid, yet predictable plot.