Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cable TV Deadlock

I have Time Warner Cable. Fox is going to quit feeding to Time Warner at midnight, unless they get paid more money.

I would miss the Laker games but that's about it. A free market dictates that some station carried by Time Warner Cable will broadcast the Lakers. Those games get huge local ratings. I'm not really a big sports fan. If I'm watching, every body's watching.


Navy Blue Cougar said...

I went through that exact same thing a few years ago with Time Warner and Fox. I missed some Seahawks games. I survived. They will probably replace that channel with a 24 hour commercial that will constantly tell you what a bunch of buttheads Fox is and how they are protecting you from being victimized by Fox. Frankly, it's only a little worse than most of the programming that you would normally watch on Fox anyway.

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