Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stupid Christer Scum Make Me Sick, Again

Have you seen this?

Very interesting. For any of you that haven't actually worn the uniform, what this translates to, is that any woman who gets pregnant while deployed to the Middle East will get an abortion without leaving the theater of operations, then return to duty for the remainder of her rotation. Even if she is willing to accept the punishment herself, whether she was coerced into sex or just overcome by the loneliness of a far away land, a woman will be forced to abort her child, in order to maintain the code of silence and protect a fellow soldier from court martial. Don't think for a moment that the Army won't make sure that its personnel have access to the latest in abortion drugs and medical technology, even if they have to bring in civilian staff to run the program under the table. That's what organizations like Blackwater and creative accounting are for.

What gets me is not the fact that this is an unconstitutional action on the Army's part. What gets me is, where are all the fuckwad, pro life, "prayer warriors" and "sidewalk counsellors"? They could actually be doing some good, saving some lives and supporting the troops by challenging the Army on this, instead of mugging young girls on the streets and fomenting the brutal murder of physicians.

Christer scum are never around when they could be doing some real good. Where were they when this abortion of a war was started? Where were they when their closeted gay, sodomite priests were butt fucking the last several generations of little Catholic boys. I'll tell you where they were, they were cheer leading W and Cheney as they trumped up the case for war and they were telling their little sons to shut the fuck up and bend over for Father, like he asked you to. They are too high minded to help a soldier. They'd rather stay safe at home and figure out ways to deny health care to the poor.



W.C. Varones said...

I think it's mainly to prevent intentional pregnancies of women wanting to get out of war duty (not an unreasonable desire).

I can imagine many young people falling in love on tour and deciding to get knocked up so at least the woman can go home early with the man hoping to join her later and start a family.

I bet it's happened dozens if not hundreds of times already.

Not a problem if you wear a rubber or take her up the tailpipe.

Anonymous said...

Pregnancy is a human right. Young women get pregnant.

For the Army to forbid pregnancies with forced (?) terminations is definitely unconstitutional.

a chemist, not a constitutional scholar.

W.C. Varones said...

Don't panic. They're not going to imprison women for getting pregnant. They just have to talk tough so women will be careful about birth control.

And no, getting pregnant in the Army is not a constitutional right. What the Constitution protects in the civilian world does not always apply in the military. Try to exercise your First or Fourth Amendment rights to their extremes while on active duty. e.g. show up not in uniform but wearing a T-shirt that expresses your opinion of where the Commander-in-Chief can shove it. Or refuse an inspection as "unreasonable search and seizure."

reddog said...

Don't worry, WC. I don't care what the Army does with the boys and girls, they signed the papers, they do the time.

I'm just pointing out to pro life zealots that their moral outrage is highly selective, which is to say, not really outrage at all but nothing more than high camp mugging.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Hey, I see you're not the only one slamming Catholicism tonight.

Can you dig it.

Forced termination of pregnancy is not only unconstitutional. It is murder.

And I ain't no holy roller.