Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Justice Janet?

There is probably another Supreme Court position opening up next Summer. Janet Napolitano was on the short list last time and many think she has a lock on the next slot. Barry O really likes her. Well, who wouldn't?

I like Janet for the job. She's smart. She's qualified. She's the Republican's worst nightmare. I doubt there would be anything they could knock her out of the Senate confirmation process with, although I'm sure they would try. What more could you ask for?

On the other hand. She's not particularly young or in good health, being a breast cancer survivor. I prefer someone who has a good chance to serve for thirty or forty years. Health concerns were my main objection to Sonia, last time.

One thing, she should come out as a dyke before she is confirmed. I believe in truth in advertising. Also, it would put John Roberts to shame. He's as Gay as a Sunny day in May. I despise a coward.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but I wouldn't vote for Janet in any race more meaningful than dog catcher. She is clueless.

-- Gary in TX

reddog said...

In Arizona, a notably Libertarian/Conservative State, she won re election as Governor by a very high margin.

Check out her history. She may not be a "social" conservative but she is no liberal.