Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Secularization Of Christmas

People think it's terrible that commercial interests have turned Christmas into an orgy of consumerism. The truth is that organized Christianity sucked all that was meritorious out of Jesus long ago, leaving a dry husk suitable only for the veneration of fools. Either way, there is nothing positive in Christmas celebrations and God is rarely invoked during the season. Given what is left of the legacy of the carpenter, there is no reason to celebrate his coming.

Don't blame atheists for this. Most of us are good Samaritans. We, maybe more than you, wish your religion worked better. Christians did it all themselves. They built a soulless culture, gutted their own God and seem to like it fine.

Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

I think it all started with the "Is there a Santa Claus?" letter to the editor in a New York paper.

I'm of german stock, and the Xmas holiday was and is important in my extended family. I buy presents for me off my Amazon wish list, and give them to my wife and tell her to gift them to me.

I'll be going to a TJ MAXX in a few days for last minute items for the wife and daughter. In total, I will be spending less than $300 for Xmas.