Friday, January 01, 2010

Republicans Need A Broader Brush

The statesmen on the Right are wackos. Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Victor Hanson Davis, Deal Hudson, name some more if you like. They continue to claim we are threatened by "enemies". Religious enemies, cultural enemies, political enemies, name some more if you like. They don't mention any military enemies. They don't mention any economic enemies. They tell us we need more war, more imprisonment without trial, more torture, more domestic surveillance, more restrictive laws, more fundamentalist Christianity.

Where are the elder statesman on the Right that command universal respect? Where are the concrete plans, outlining what we need to do over the next twenty years? When do we get to the part where we all agree on some basic truths and solutions to problems?

Say what you like about Barry O but he's clearly trying to steer a middle course, when it would be easier for him not to. Liberals don't know why he is still supporting the wars. They don't know why he hasn't rammed through health care legislation that covers everyone and protects abortion. They don't know why he hasn't turned over most of the leaders of the last Bush administration to the Hague, for trial on charges of crimes against Humanity. People would be a lot happier with him if he did.

Republicans think they are headed for big midterm electoral gains. If they moved to the center politically and started to talk seriously about fiscal austerity, that might even be true. They are determined to keep the conversation on the Deity and why he wants abortion and birth control outlawed, so that there can be more White people in the future. They want to keep talking about the need to protect Israel and kill Sand Niggers. They want to keep ragging on Homos. They want to keep talking about why rich people are the only endangered ecological niche worth protecting and nurturing. That will get them some votes but they are votes they already have. It's not enough. Even rich people and the Jews won't vote for them. They might even drive the Homos away and they're about the only educated, literate block left in the Republican party and from whom they draw most of their elected politicians and successful candidates for office.

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W.C. Varones said...

A middle course on foreign policy perhaps, but nationalizing everything in sight is not a middle course on domestic policy.