Saturday, January 23, 2010

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Have you been watching any NBA Ball? I follow the Lakers. On paper, they're the best team in the league but they're kind of disappointing this season.

You know what they need? They need a couple of young guys, brand new to the league, with really short contracts, for not much money. Guys like that are hyper, crazy and take a lot of chances. They aren't worried about getting hurt. They aren't worried about maintaining their rep. They're worried about being back on the street next month. They're like the fizz and crushed ice in a Highball. The booze may be the active ingredient but it's the fizz and ice that makes the drink go down quick and produces the desired result.

The Lakers have a lot of talent. They aren't old. The problem is they are too professional. They pace themselves too much. They need a couple of crazy boys on the floor to speed up the action and spur them on. When they lose, it's because the other team has a couple of real aggressive young players, who hope that in a year or two, they'll be playing for the Lakers. Some of them will probably even make it. The problem is, once they get there, they start counting the money and pacing themselves.

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