Thursday, January 07, 2010

Maybe They'll Throw In Claudine Longet And A Bass Boat

Don't you agree, that if Jay Leno moved to Branson and opened a Comedy Club/Automotive Museum, he would have a great future there? I think he'd really enjoy it too. If I ever went to Branson, I'd pay a few bucks to get in, especially if it was lunch time and they served up a steaming hot basket of catfish and fries, maybe a cold beer or two. Ya know, like a Tom Sawyer Special. Ha Ha. Maybe have some Keno waitresses, in short sexy skirts. He could buy Andy Williams' property cheap and renovate it. Nobody under 80 remembers who Andy is anymore and he must be about ready to die. His kids could use the money to bury him and move to Leisure World.

Jay could take Conan O'Brien along to act as emcee. He's so charming and contemporary. I'm sure he would be real appealing to the younger folks, who remember him from Saturday Night Live in the Eighties. I bet everybody at NBC would wish them well.

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