Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Big Rain Down Under

North Eastern Australia has been getting rain, ending a drought that has lasted a decade. It's a good thing.

I think global warming will be a good thing for Australia. Warmer temperatures in the surrounding seas will mean more evaporation and probably more rain, which has always been rare there. Australia is well positioned to become a supplier of agricultural and mineral commodities for Southern Asia as its population and productivity burgeons. If I was younger, I would seriously consider making myself eligible to migrate there. I have always heard good things about temperate Perth, in the far West but tropical Brisbane might not be bad either.

I still like Southern California though. Things are pretty bad here. I think that unemployment figures, vis a vis the undocumented population, are woefully under reported and the real estate meltdown here still has a long way to go. Demographics are shifting and will continue to shift rapidly but that may not be a bad thing. In some ways it's better here than it ever has been. The people are friendly and hard working. Everybody gets along pretty good. The State government will surely go bankrupt soon and that will undoubtedly precipitate hard times for a lot of people and speed up the movement of some people in and some people out of the area. I think I'll stick around. A lot of good ethnic restaurants, the girls are pretty and dress lightly. Good place for an old man. We need better public transportation. The Bay area and San Diego have done it, no reason we can't too.


Anonymous said...

Jeez, Reddog, didn't you get the memo about "global warming?" It's a hoax. Nothing but a scam to raise taxes.

As for California, many of your citizens are moving to Austin. My son tells me that Austin is full of ex-Californians.

-- Gary in good ole Texas

reddog said...

Only time will tell on GW. I've been to Texas. I'll stay in SoCal, although Texas has it's charms. A friend of mine lives by Lake Belton and has had a great life.

If I had to move I'd go to Santa Fe.

Anonymous said...

California has its charms too. I really, really liked the area around Sebastopol. I really, really didn't like the San Diego area.

-- Gary in Tejas