Sunday, January 17, 2010

Playin' A Mean Voo Doo Fiddle

Here's an interesting flip side to the earthquake devastated Haitian Capital, Port Au Prince. Does anybody have a problem with this? I don't.


cutshoot said...

It will help the Haitian economy when it really needs all the help it can get.

reddog said...

I go on cruises. All the lines run them out of LA, Long Beach and San Diego.

They feed you good. They have entertainment. You meet interesting people. I like to walk around a foreign city, even if it is a tourist trap.

I don't spend a lot of extra money. I don't soak up the hooch or gamble and stay out of the spa. I don't take the expensive shore excursions.

We'll never get to the Caribbean because you have to fly to the Gulf Coast and that jacks the cost way up.

We went on one last Spring that was $199 for a week. $500 total for two with taxes and port fees included. It was a steal. It gives the old lady something to talk about with her friends and keeps the whining down about how we never do anything or go anywhere together.

We gotta get passports before we go again.

cutshoot said...

My nieces and nephews like to go on cruises but not me. I tell them that I have seen enough water back in the 60's to last ten lifetimes.