Friday, January 08, 2010

What, Me Xenophobic? Too Late.

My Ancestors have been in this country awhile. Even the most recent arrivals were already here at the time of the Civil War. For all their being a mixed bag, they pretty much were all Christian, Northern Europeans. Like most families, we lay claim to the proverbial Indian princess, the odd Jew and always whispers of some few who had "Negro Blood". By American standards though, a lily White, Jesus proclaiming crew.

That's all changing though. In the last twenty years, we've added a few more Jews, some Hispanics and one Pakistani, Muslim man, all in unions with multiple offspring. Given the number of the most recent generation who still haven't settled down and the rate of out marriage so far, I think there will be a lot more diversity added soon. From what I can see, most families are like this.

You read a lot of Winger screeds about how we are going to be out bred by the bad aliens, whoever they are. It's clearly not true. Long before we are overrun by them, we gonna BE them.

Cool. I like those man dresses and little beanies that the old Arab men wear around town. Loose. Nice airflow. I think I'll pick up a few but maybe a little more colorful. Aloha shirt materials in a loose cotton weave would be nice. Hula Girls. Grass Shacks. Woody Willies with surfboards hanging out the back. Big pair of Ray Bans. Yeah, Baby. Stylin'. Head on down to the Hookah Lounge. Flirt with the nautch girls awhile.

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