Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bigger Balls

So, we know JD Hayworth is going to run against McCain for Senate in Arizona. I don't think he can beat McCain but he might.

Hayworth is a posterboy socon. He's a birther, a warhawk, homeschooler, fetus worshipper, woman hating, immigrant bashing racist. He wears the big flag pin.

If Janet Napalitano doesn't go on the Supreme Court, she could go back to Arizona and beat Hayworth in the general election. Arizonans like her. She's smarter than Hayworth. She has bigger balls.


cut and shoot said...

I am on Janet's list of domestic terrorists, just like all the rest of those contemptible racist redneck Bible-thumpin', cousin-humpin', rifle-pumpin', tea-dumpin', hillbilly bumpkins.

reddog said...

I'm no fan of HSA or TSA. They should disband them.