Friday, January 08, 2010

Republicans, Enjoy It While You Can

I just read a very interesting article yesterday. I forget where I saw it but you can probably find it through the wonders of Google if you try.

The gist of it was that almost all of the Southern states have or will have soon, a majority of minor children within their population, who are both poor and racial or cultural minorities. What that means is Blacks and Hispanics. I had not realized this change was taking place so rapidly.

Another demographic feature of the Southern States is that large numbers of national and international businesses are moving into the Southern states because of its cheap work force and relatively inexpensive cost of living. Many highly skilled and educated people from other parts of the country are moving South all the time and assuming leadership positions. Population wise, they are the fastest growing of all the States.

Many Southern states are getting near the tipping point between Red and Blue. It's possible in 8-12 years there may be very few Red States left. Hopefully in 8-12 years, the complexion of politics will have altered radically into something more reality based.


W.C. Varones said...

And yet those highly skilled and educated people from other parts of the country are increasingly horrified by the Democrats' print-spend-nationalize-bailout-and-borrow machine.

If the Repubs turn a little libertarian, all those educated people might become lifelong Republicans.

reddog said...

Let's hope those life long Republicans turn a lot Libertarian.

Every County courthouse can have a statue of Ron Paul next to the Civil War Cannon and flagpole.

Anonymous said...

Well, I did my part. My ex is hispanic. And my son in Austin is a "pinto" bean. Ha ha.

-- Gary in freezing Texas