Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Republican Party?

If a victory by Scott Brown in Massachusetts today is going to herald in a new Republican party, a couple of things are going to have to be true. Republicans can't run on on Bush's failed neocon agenda. Most voters have soundly rejected it. Except in the Southern and South leaning border states, candidates can't run on the toxic mix of racism and religious zealotry commonly labeled as social conservatism. Most people everywhere else are repelled by it. The Republican platform is going to have to be all about smaller government and austerity budgeting.

I think that's good. Whether they can sell that in the midst of an economic depression and monetary meltdown remains to be seen. It's worth a try.

How will they keep the neocons and wingnuts in the fold? They still need their votes. I will never vote for them while those guys are still on the inside, singing their song of war and hate. Sorry.

I think their best bet is to back way off on military interventions and push all the hot button social issues into a States Rights plank of their platform. Then they can devote all their efforts to cutting away government spending. Just that one thing alone is enough to keep government busy for a couple decades.


cut and shoot said...

I'm beginning to think Texas secession is a good idea. Doesn't Republic of Texas have a nice sound to it? yeehaw.

Steve Harkonnen said...

We need more Paleocons like myself out there so we can kick out the neocons.

Neoconic method of thought is close to being mentally ill.

However comma lets not get excited about Brown's victory.

cut and shoot said...

Steve, I agree we should not get too excited about Brown's victory because he is pretty much aligned with the other RINO's in Republican Party.