Monday, January 04, 2010

Your Eminence

Here is the latest press release concerning one of our local Southern California Roman Catholic bishops. He was arrested a few days ago. As far as I know, while there have been many allegations, this is the first that he has confessed to any wrong doing.

This story will continue to unravel, I am sure. It is a story of narcotic use and trafficking, theft, gun violence and sodomy/rape. Dashiell Hammett could have turned it into a nice serial contribution to Black Mask Magazine, in his day. It makes you wonder how long this kind of thing has been allowed to go on by the Church and civil authorities and just swept under the rug.

Nice, Your Eminence.

UPDATE: It turns out this guy was a Catholic priest until 1993 and then kicked out. Now, he has his own church and calls himself a bishop, when he's not indulging in mayhem and degeneracy.

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