Friday, January 22, 2010

Towel Heads

Apparently, Americans do not like Muslims.

I usually like Muslims better than those of other religions. They are friendly to me. They don't criticize my beliefs. They don't proselytize.

You always hear that Muslims want to impose their religion on others. That they want Sharia Law. That they despise America and Americans. I've never seen much evidence of that. Most of the ones I know are clean, well mannered, mind their own business and have respect for other people and their property. I have not met many Muslims who are afflicted with progeny that fall victim to drugs, crime, idleness or violence. I know a lot of Christians that you can't say any of these things about. I'm sure there are Muslims that are real scumbags. Probably a lot of them. They must be the ones everyone else meets.

Muslims have a different culture than I do. They dress funny. They are very strict about their behavior and the way they raise their children. Does this make them bad? I don't know.

Maybe all the Muslims I know are on their best behavior. Ya know, stranger in a strange land kind of thing. Maybe if I lived in a country or city that was mostly Muslims, their attitudes toward me would be different and I would feel differently about them. So far though, they seem OK. If I was a Jew I probably would feel differently. The Muslims I meet don't like Jews at all and they hate Israel and Israelis. It's not uncommon that immigrant groups have cultural, political or religious enmities that they bring with them when they come here. Mostly they keep them under control and that's the case with Muslims but it's not real attractive. On the other hand, if I was them, I'm not sure I would feel any different than they do.

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cut and shoot said...

I have a theory...90/10 theory...

90% of all races, creeds, genders, etc. are decent, honest, hard working, moral people.

10% of all races, creeds, genders, etc. are complete assholes.

The trick to a happy life is to avoid that 10%.