Monday, January 04, 2010

Brit Hume, A Christian Paragon

Brit Hume says Tiger Woods should become a Christian because only Christianity offers the scope of forgiveness that Tiger needs to regain his place in society and continue his career. Well, Brit should know.

I think Brit should share with us the sexual infidelities and profound personal failings in his life and there have been many. Then he could better illustrate to Tiger how the Lord's forgiveness works.

What an asshole.

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beebsblog said...

I'm a buddhist, a wanna-be atheist.
What religion, if any, a man has should be a private matter. Hume is just playing for ratings.

The way I look at buddhism is simple. I try to live for the moment, and learn from my mistakes. I try to be the best beebs I can be, and I think my program is working.