Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bonzo Wants To Drill

Chimpy has granted more drilling leases to Big Oil than the last several Presidents combined and he gave them away. Most of these leases will remain in the reserve inventory of the companies that hold them, for decades. Big Oil is making plenty of money, they don't need any more right now and the oil in untapped reserves around the country and off shore, is better than money in the bank. The oil they contain won't be getting any cheaper and the technology for extraction gets better and more cost effective, every year.

There is plenty of oil production off shore in American waters. Forty years ago there were problems with oil extraction off the Santa Barbara Coast in California. Huge leaks of crude into the ocean were experienced. Slicks washing up on Central Coast beaches, oil covered oceanic flora and fauna and the foul stench of petroleum became common place. Then, as now, the Santa Barbara coast was the playground of America's richest and most powerful families. They quickly put a stop to the drilling. Further South, in more plebeian latitudes, drilling continued and drilling platforms and dredged up, island pumping centers abound on the SoCal coast.

The Chimpster wants to make this a Liberal verses Conservative issue. That's bullshit. His own father put the pen to legislation placing huge off shore tracts out of consideration for mineral exploitation. Once again, he proves himself to be a sycophant to Corporate interests. Before they drill a single new well, off Santa Barbara, you can bet the oil companies will have extracted absolution, for any environmental damage that they do.

I say, if the technology is there to extract the materials from off shore sources safely and securely and the oil companies are willing to take responsibility, let them have at it. I don't hate the oil companies. I just don't get down on my knees and suck their cocks, like George W. Bush does.

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