Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Scumbag Never Falls Far From The Soiled Mattress

We could spend a lot of time asking ourselves how it came to be that we elected a President and Vice President that are treasonous, cowardly scum, men who would declare unilateral war on nations that did us no harm and posed us no threat. We could likewise ask how we elected a Congressional majority who sat silent while these wars were embarked upon. We could ask ourselves how America became involved in a program of mass incarceration of suspected terrorists and sympathizers and the routine use of torture during the interrogation of these unfortunates, the genesis of which started not in the heat and frustration of combat but in the calm and measured environment of the West Wing of the White House. We can ask ourselves how it came to be that we have given up so many of our civil rights, every time we use a telephone, send a letter, use public transport or enter a public building.

Questioning these things is an exercise in uselessness. The fact is that all of these things have come to pass. They are now the accepted way that the United States does business. Most of the World and large portions of our own population now believe that the highest officials of our government are under no obligation to act with honor or honesty. Large numbers of our citizens now believe that their armed forces and intelligence operatives have a right, indeed an obligation, to torture combatant prisoners. Our Armed Forces believe it too and that's what will be taught at our National military academies and officer training programs. Likewise, civilian surveillance and communications monitoring programs are now accepted by the public and as a useful tool to be used by authorities. They will not be stopped. The right of public egress and privacy are gone forever. You can codify in law anything you want about freedom but public practice and usage are the standards by which we live our lives.

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